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The 130 birds I observed over a few brief visits are just the beginning of what you might find.Maureen
Bird watching on Wandilla Station is a magical experience. In 2008 I observed some 130 different birds at close quarters without exhaustive walking. Good binoculars and patience is all you need to have a great bird watching experience on Wandilla.

It is always helpful to visit a place at different times of year to fully appreciate the birds. After rain is alway rewarding especially if water holes fill since these are good places to see birds early morning and evening. Wandilla has permanent water holes making all year round bird watching a great experience. The different vegetation areas eg woodlands, grasslands and rivers ensure a variety of birds all year round. It is a wonderful place to visit more than once at any time to have a rewarding birding experience.

Sometimes the skies are full of pelicans up and down the Paroo River. At other times you will see numerous raptors overhead. The busy little Crimson Chats are a wonderful sight running here and there on the ground. The constant calling of the Crested Bellbird is a real treat. Major Mitchell’s, Budgerigars and Bourke’s Parrot are but a few of the treasures you will see in the parrot world. A little night excursion may be rewarded with a sighting of the Bush Stone-curlew. If not a sighting, the call will excite you.

Wandilla is truly a magical place to bird watch whether you are a beginner or a serious birder. For those with limited physical ability, I can assure you you will have a great time bird watching on Wandilla.

Happy bird watching.


PS Please report any new findings to David and Carmel and we’ll be pleased to add them to the Bird List.

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